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The Adventures of Chuf (volume 1) is the first book in the saga ofThe Adventures of Chuf, written by Stefano Bernaschina, illustrated by me and published by Fontana Edizioni SA.


We're in an old station, in an age where trains eat coal and puff steam. In a land where trains, flowers and stones can talk to each other. “The tracks don't go uphill. They travel to the valley floor and only take you where they want!” exclaims Ciuf, protagonist of this first chapter of "The Adventures of Ciuf". The tracks in this fairy tale depict the easy way, the way that everyone travels, the safe and known way. Easy routes don't always lead to where we need to go, making us run the risk of continuing to rotate in place. Ciuf bravely decides to challenge himself and take an unknown path.

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OrderThe Adventures of Chuf directly from the author, you can also find on his site ithe first book of the seriesThe Adventures of Chuf:

You can find this book in all the bookstores in the Canton and in the main shopping centres.
Or order it from the Fontana Edizioni website:

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