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Who I am

My name is Lisa Jessica Albizzati and I'm born in 1996 in Ticino, Switzerland.

Since I was a child I have always had a great passion for art, infact it has become the reason of my life, indeed today I'm a freelancer artist and I work as an illustrator, painter and graphic designer.

My path

In the summer of 2019 I graduated in illustration at the European Institute of Design IED of Milan, previously I obtained the diploma of AFC graphics at the Scholastic Center for Artistic Industries CSIA of Lugano.

Once I had completed my studies, in September 2019, at the age of 23 I officially opened my individual business in Ticino.

The 3 arts

Illustration, painting and graphic design… why?

In the artistic field I have always liked to explore new worlds, I am an eclectic person, and thanks to my studies I have been able to deepen different aspects of art such as the communication of illustration, the freedom of painting or the rigor of graphics.


What I love about these 3 arts is the fact that one doesn't exclude the other, together they support each other and can become a symbol of freedom, why?

Well, because for example, due the fact that I'm a graphic designer as well as an illustrator, I can personally take care of the entire design of my projects, from graphics to drawings, this allows me to have the full control and freedom over what I make without having to rely on anyone else.


I also like to vary when it comes to technique, digital drawing with computer and graphic tablet, or traditional drawing with paint and brushes, it makes no difference to me, both are fine, because I am of the opinion that it is not the technique that is important, what matters is the message you want to communicate.

Consequently I choose the technique according to the project that is commissioned to me.

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My specialty is illustrated children's books.


“A picture book is the first art gallery a child visits.”

Kvĕta Pacovská


This sentence uttered by Kvĕta Pacovská, fully reflects my philosophy, every time I make an illustrated book I feel honored to be able to do it, because children are the future, and being able to be part of a small piece of their childhood gives me a lot of happiness.


During these years I have collaborated with institutions and talented writers, my goal has always been to create a connection with the authors of the stories I was going to illustrate, this allowed me to bring their stories to life and show to the public their inner world and their ideals.


All the illustrations featured in the books I designed are done digitally, because this allows me to have more freedom during the project development.

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I like to think that our mind is like a big mansion and my paintings are its windows. Through these windows we can peek inside the house, our mind, and observe our true inner self, that inner self that we sometimes forget about, that inner self that gives us the strength to carry on.


So my paintings are nothing more than windows, through which we can see our soul and the world in which our soul lives, a free world, made up of emotions represented by expressive, chaotic, colorful, rough, and vibrant and shiny colors, abstract shapes and free signs.

Because our inner world is free from the rules, rationality and judgment of others, it goes beyond matter and merges with the human figures I paint, because we are what we think, we are our emotions.


My paintings are intended to be a reminder that in your darkest moments it reminds you of what is really inside you, your freedom, a secret, private world, exclusively yours, which is bright, colourful, welcoming, a breath of relief. It's the hand that holds you, you are your strength.

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Rivisitaione libri

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is an important part of my work because very often it act as a "frame" for my illustrations, but not only.


I also create the graphic design of children's books containing drawings made by other illustrators, in this case my role is to reorganize the illustrations done by other people, cutting and reassembling them, retouching and enhancing them according to the book, thus doing a job of graphics, retouching and photoeditig, being careful however not to distort the original illustrator's stroke.

Some examples are the book Pearl and Mandarin and Dreams of Princesses.


Having done the AFC Graphic Design training, I also deal with advertising graphics: creation of logos, coordinated image of the company, posters, etc.

For more information on my graphic services click here.

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