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I had the pleasure of working as a graphic designer for the book Perlina and Mandarino, written by the talented Nicole Pedroli and illustrated by the talented Paolo Pedroli.

The author is a Ticino mother, active in the health sector, who experienced the first lockdown as an opportunity: to write a fairy tale.
Therefore, Perlina and Mandarino come to life, two delicious and very different bunnies.
An unexpected friendship is born between them: he teaches her to have fun by getting dirty while she to clean up while having fun. From that moment on, they will never feel alone again.

This book, in addition to telling a fantastic story, also has an interactive function as it contains quizzes and small drawing exercises, as well as the delicious carrot cake recipe.

How did I work for this project?


Taking care of the graphic part, in addition to applying and managing the typography within the book, I carried out a retouching and reassembly of the images and duplication of some illustrated elements, with the aim of giving fluidity to the illustrated register and enhancing the drawings, without touching and interfering with the artist Paolo's stroke.

Here is an example of how I worked on the images.



Original image

Perlina e Mandarino.png


Modified image, developed on two side by side pages.

In the upper white part I then inserted the texts.

Perlina e Mandarino mod.png

I also assembled and designed the entire cover (front, back, spine) with an attached title.

Buy it now!
Do you want a special dedication? Order it directly from the author!
Write an email to Nicole and receive the book immediately.






You can find Perlina and Mandarino in all bookstores in the Canton Ticino and in the main shopping centers.
Or order it directly from the Fontana Edizioni website:


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