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Paz and the submerged station (volume 3) is the third book in the saga ofThe Adventures of Chuf, written by Stefano Bernaschina, illustrated by me and published by Fontana Edizioni SA.


A landslide blocks a stream and the stream swells to the point of submerging an important part of the story. Although hidden in the depths of this lake, at a certain point it presses to be seen. The story thus begins to make water from all sides. And it is in this third chapter of "The Adventures of Ciuf" that Paz dives into an inner journey to discover himself and his past. What will he discover in the depths of this affair? Another fairy tale to be discovered.

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Order this book directly from the author, you can also find on his site ithe first book of the seriesThe Adventures of Chuf:

You can find this book in all the bookstores in the Canton and in the main shopping centres.
Or order it from the Fontana Edizioni website:

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