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Scritta Il magico natale. 2020

The story

The protagonist is a little girl named Anna, who cannot leave the house because there is a bad pandemic around the world.
Anna is bored because she can't go to the park to play, she closes her eyes while she is in front off the window of her bedroom and when she reopens her eyes she is faced with a magical flying squirrel, which challenges her:

-Hey slacker, catch me if you can!- So Anna throws herself into the chase!
She and the squirrel immerse themselves in a magical dream world, thus begins this fantastic adventure.

The girl runs after the mischievous flying squirrel, which takes her to visit the most characteristic places of Ticino, however, inserted in the frame of a fairy forest.
Anna visits the castles of Bellinzona, Monte Tamaro and other amazing Ticino towns!

What does this book contain?

  • A current story set in the present day… but with an extra touch of magic!

  • 6 fantastic Ticino towns.

  • A double didactic page where curiosities about the places that little Anna visits are told.

  • A blue mouse is hidden in each double page, can you find it?

The intent of this book is to make children discover the most beautiful places in Ticino in a fun and playful way.

Il Magico Natale 2020 di Eleonora Weber-Tamagni e Lisa Albizzati
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