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The sword in the neck

The game


This is a prototype of a horror videogame.

I created this interactive game with Pubcoder, After Effect and Photoshop.

The graphics were inspired by Limbo, a Playdead videogame.


Once upon a time there was a family that lived on the Island of Darkness, the island was

dominated by the Mostro delle Bacchette (the Monster of Wands), called MB by everyone.
When little Benny discovered the monster's existence, he ran home and told everything to his father John.
But the father didn't want to hear about it and slammed his son out of the house, while Benny was leaving he met the terrible MB, who killed him. John was furious and ran against the monster holding a very powerful magic sword, but MB killed him too, and took John's magic sword.
The news of the tragedy came to the eldest daughter Alexa, who had left for a trip.
He returned home and decided she would avenge his family, killing MB and recovering the sword.

This is how Alexa's adventure begins, she will have to face a long journey to get to the monster's home, but along the way Alexa will meet friends who will accompany her on this dark journey.

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