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La fuga di Margherita (Margherita's escape) from the series The Adventures of Ciuf is a book for children written by Stefano Bernaschina, illustrated by me Lisa Albizzati and published by Fontana Edizioni SA.



An adventurous fairy tale about friendship, set in an old and sooty station where trains, flowers and stones know how to talk to each other. The protagonists are Ciuf the intrepid red train, Paz the fearful yellow train and a sweet Margherita, all linked by a deep friendship that resists against all difficulties, even when their bond is tested by the mysterious disappearance of Margherita. Ciuf and Paz embark on an exciting adventure in search of their friend.

...for days, Ciuf and Paz have been looking for her their dear friend Margherita.

But there is no trace of her at the station. Where has she gone?...


What does this book contain?

  • An exciting story, where the element of mystery is not lacking... where did Margherita go?

  • A fairy tale, which is not lacking in morale, deals with important issues such as pollution and the search for oneself, but it does so in a fun and playful way.

  • A map with all the places present in the story.

  • This story is part of the series of "The Adventures of Ciuf" written and conceived by the talented author Stefano Bernaschina.


Buy It Now!

You can find the first book in the series The Adventures of Ciuf on Stefano Bernaschina's website:

You can find La fuga di Margherita in all bookstores in Ticino and in the main shopping centers.
Or order it directly from the Fontana Edizioni website:


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