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Love under lockdow

This is a story written by Rita Albizzati and illustrated by me Lisa Albizzati.

Love Under Lockdown is a PDF format e-book.

Looking For A Suitable Book For Your Children To Spark Their Imagination And Reflect On Themselves? Then This Is A Great Opportunity To Teleport Into A Magical World Full Of Surprises!

This tale allows the reader to forget the current pandemic situation and dwell on the endless possibilities that fiction has to offer.

In particular, this book manages to combine fiction with the bitter pandemic reality in which kids, not only adults, face numerous constraints and restrictions, they cannot freely communicate with their peers, enjoy the sounding laughter on the playground, or just enjoy their own company.

The main heroine, Margherita, and her story share moral support to the reader, empathizing with him and offering an introspective journey into the mind of the character.


The lockdown itself poses a test to everybody. But consequently, it also provides the chance to look deeper into the inner self, helping us to rediscover ourselves by understanding what qualities and strengths we possess…

And Margherita’s Adventures Suggest Just That!

Till the very end of This Book, your child will:

  • Reveal A Cliff-hanging Fantasy Story that touches on the magical as much as it depicts the current reality that humanity is going through (making the storyline both interesting and relevant)

  • Find Beautiful Illustrations With Each Chapter to enhance even further the perception of the events as reading along (provoking the imagination to work even harder)

  • Escape From The Frustrations That The Lockdown Brings as he/she has to stay indoors.

  • Dream Of A Better World

  • ... And So Much More!

This book offers the reader a chance to get away from any anxious feelings that may be overwhelming him lately.

In the end, after going through so many strange and uncommon events, the author guides those reading the book to the main point: Love is What Keeps The World Going and Persists Through All Challenges.

Eager To Learn How The Story Plays Out...?

… Order Your Copy and Enter The World Of Magical Reality!


Love Under Lockdown is available in Italian and English.

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