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My grandfather makes pink clouds is a children's book written by Sofia Leoni, illustrated by me Lisa Albizzati and published by Fontana Edizioni SA.



"I don't have many memories of my grandfather.

I wasn't even two years old ... "

Thus begins the story of the child, who narrates the deeds of his grandfather, a strong and dynamic man who loved life, who until the end was able to never lose his smile: "The grandfather, even when everything seemed too difficult, did not he never forgot to smile... for us. "

This book tells a sweet and touching story, treats the theme of farewell in a delicate way, accompanies you to discover the life of a grandfather who now, in the sky, watches over his family among the clouds that are tinged with a delicate pink.

"My grandfather made mistakes and was capable of wonders.

My grandfather was incredibly human. "


What does this book contain?

  • A sweet, touching and engaging story.

  • The theme of death is rarely dealt with in children's books, yet it is a passage that is part of the life of all of us, addressing it and introducing it in the right way to children could help them if one day they should face mourning.

  • This is a book that can come in support of both children and adults.


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You can find My grandfather makes pink clouds in all bookstores in the Canton and in the main shopping centers.
Or order it directly from the Fontana Edizioni website:


Instagram Coordinated image


For Sofia Leoni's instagram profile mamm.estra , I also took care of creating a coordinated image that consists of the profile avatar and the mamm.estra logo, plus five backgrounds themed My grandfather makes pink clouds , on which writings can be applied.

Books with wings


The little blue bird has become the mascot of Sofia's houses dedicated to the exchange of books in via Redondello 45 in Agno and in via Riale 5 in Bironico!