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Misha the king of foundlings is a children's book written by Ramona Pianezzi, illustrated by me Lisa Albizzati and published by Fontana Edizioni SA.



This book tells the true story of Misha, the dog of the author Ramona and companion Davide.
Since the puppy arrived at the couple's home, he has had many fantastic adventures with his new family.
If you are a dog lover you cannot miss this beautiful book!

I tell you the true story of my happiness.
I am a stray rescued from a kennel at the age of six months.
Get excited, have fun and adopt foundlings!
"With my mum and dad I feel safe, they are my world and I have become theirs”.


What does this book contain?

  • A story told from the point of view of the little dog Misha, full of funny and hilarious episodes.

  • The reality of a dog who was able to change his life thanks to the owners who welcomed him into the house.

  • As many as 20 engaging anecdotes, told page by page by the talented writer Ramona Pianezzi.


Buy It Now!
Order Misha the king of foundlings directly from my site,

click on order il now.





If you want a special dedication you can order the book directly from the author, write an email to Ramona Pianezzi:

You can find Misha the king of foundlings in all bookstores in Ticino and in the main shopping centers.
Or order it directly from the Fontana Edizioni website:


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