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Tom and Meihua, a nice vacation  is the second illustrated children's book in the Tom and Meihua series,  written by Romana Petrini and illustrated by me  Lisa Albizzati.



This second book focuses  on Central Europe, taking young readers on an incredible journey, starting from Novara, Tom's home, we will head towards Ticino, then go to Valais, pass through the Canton of Voud, and end our journey on horseback between France and Italy in Courmayeur.


This exciting series of books aims to raise the awareness of children on the subject of interculturality, this through the friendship between Tom, an Italian-Swiss boy and Meihua, a girl originally from Guangxi in Southern China.


You can't miss the amazing Tom and Meihua adventures on this amazing vacation!


What does this book contain?

  • A deep and intercultural friendship. 
  • An exciting story full of educational notions, curiosities about Switzerland and much more, a perfect book to learn while having fun.
  • 10 locations to discover, including a map to explore.
  • This story is part of the Tom and Meihua series  written and conceived by the talented author Romana Petrini.



The school year is over.

As always, at the beginning of the summer holidays, Tom leaves his dog Noa to his paternal grandparents in the Novara countryside and goes with his mother to Switzerland.

He will spend a few days with his maternal grandparents in the Ticino mountains and a few days with his uncles in Geneva.


This year, however, is different because Meihua, Tom's friend, will go with them.

In this second book, the story of a friendship between two children of different nationalities and cultures continues.


With Tom and Meihua also the young reader will travel ...

Teachers or adults can grasp contemporary themes in the book, to be explored on an educational level.


Buy Tom and Meihua!

On this site the book is available in Italian for only CHF 22 


There are two versions of the book: Italian and French.

If you are interested in the French version, please send an email to:


Tom e Meihua, una bella vacanza

  • Author: Romana Petrini

    Illustrator: Lisa Albizzati

    Format: 21x25

    Pages: 48

    Italian language

    ISBN 978-88-88908-27-4

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