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The magical Christmas 2020 is a story for children, written by Eleonora Weber-Tamagni and illustrated by Lisa Albizzati, dedicated to these Christmas holidays which, due to the pandemic situation underway, will be a bit special.

This Christmas story is an e-Book in PDF format.

Buy Magic Christmas 2020 and make a beneficial gesture!

Part of the proceeds from the sales of this story will be donated to the Ales sia Association, founded in 2004 with the aim of improving pediatric care in Ticino and supporting children and families who need special care, even outside the Canton.

Another part of the proceeds will instead be donated to the Ghiringhelli veterinary practice .

Donata Ghiringhelli, owner of the aforementioned study, has long been involved in treating stray cats for free.


Immerse yourself in The Magic Christmas 2020 and with a look from the future discover how the grandfather of the little bunny Lisa lived it when he was young!

What does this e-Book contain?

  • A story set in the future, but that tells of the day and how Lisa's grandfather as a young man he faced Christmas 2020. What are you waiting? Aren't you curious to know?
  • Many fantastic bunnies that will accompany you on this great adventure.
  • This is a one of a kind e-Book!
  • Make a charitable gesture by purchasing this story, for only 6 francs, you will help the Alessia Association and the Ghiringhelli veterinary practice.

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Immerse yourself immediately in the magical world of Magic Christmas 2020

Il magico Natale 2020

  • Author : Eleonora Weber-Tamagni

    Illustrator : Lisa Albizzati

    Format: PDF e-Book

    Italian language

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