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Tom and Meihua, a new friendship is a children's book written by Romana Petrini and illustrated by Lisa Albizzati, both from Ticino. It is a book dedicated to friendship between different cultures!


After the summer holidays, a boy, Tom, who is in fourth grade meets a girl who is in fifth grade and who has just arrived: she is a Chinese, Meihua.
The differences between two geographically distant countries are not an obstacle to their friendship and lead them to make many discoveries ...

What does this volume contain?

  • A unique and compelling story dedicated to a friendship without borders.
  • Places and customs of different cultures that meet.
  • A double didactic page where curiosities ranging from West to East are told.

  • A minigame where you have to look for certain symbols within the story!

The book aims to raise children's awareness on the topic of interculturality through the friendship between Tom, an Italian-Swiss boy and Meihua, a girl originally from Guangxi in Southern China.
This meeting will allow them to get in touch with different cultures, and thus begin a fun and playful exchange of notions about their countries: food, culture, customs and much more.

All this can only enrich them and open up new horizons for them.

Immerse yourself in the fantastic world of Tom and Meihua!

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Tom e Meihua, una nuova amicizia

  • Author: Romana Petrini

    Illustrator: Lisa Albizzati

    Format: 21x25

    Pages: 40

    Italian language

    ISBN 978-88-88908-19-9

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