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Play with The Three Muses

Interactive online game

Play with The Three Muses is an interactive design project that I made for the Hunt Museum in Limerick, Ireland, specifically this work involved three cultural institutions: Limerick City Gallery of Art, Limerick Museum and

The Hunt Museum.

The goal of this interactive online game is to inspire and educate children with visual art.

This interactive design project was created in collaboration with the great entrepreneur and art director Dario Albini, professor at IED Milan and founder of Atabaliba Studio and The Freelancer's Island.

In The Three Muses game there are: quizzes, memory games, coloring games, and much more, all aimed at being a new online resource for children, so that they can discover the visual art collections of The Hunt Museum, Limerick Museum and Limerick City Gallery of Art.
This project was developed with the Pubcoder program.

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The game is playable on laptop, iPad or smartphone

Lisa Albizzati_the three muses_mac ipad.
Lisa Albizzati_the three muses_mac.png
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