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Tom and Meihua, una nuova amicizia (a new friendship) is an illustrated children's book  that I made in collaboration with the talented writer Romana Petrini.

I made the illustrations and the entire graphics of the book.

There are two versions of the book: Italian and French
The drawings and the watercolor are done digitally.

The book aims to raise children's awareness of the topic of interculturality, this through the friendship between Tom, a Swiss-Italian child and Meihua, a girl originally from Guangxi in southern China.
Their friendship will make them discover different cultures, and thus will begin a fun and playful exchange of notions about their countries: food, culture, customs and much more. All this will enrich them and will make them discover new horizons.

Buy Tom and Meihua!

The book is available in Italian or French, for just CHF 20 (€ 18)


If you are interested in buying the book send an email to:

Or order the book in Italian directly from my website!



After the summer holidays a kid, Tom, who attends fourth grade, meets one
little girl who is in fifth class, who is just arrived: she is a Chinese, Meihua.
The differences between two countries geographically so distant are not an obstacle to their friendship and leads them to make many discoveries...


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