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The muses of Puccini

The story of Le muse di Puccini: Tosca, (Puccini's Muses), is a group project that me Lisa Albizzati, Giulia Rosa Cardia and Silvia Masdea have realized as a degree thesis for IED.
We created a graphic novel divided into three acts, scripted, written and illustrated entirely by us, thanks to the support of the playwright and essayist Luca Scarlini, the illustrator and designer Massimo Giacon and the Ricordi Historical Archive of Milan, which allowed us to do a historical and iconographic research on real documents from the end of the 19th century.

This is a graphic novel made with six hands, so we joined in one person to give life to a project whose strength lies in this peculiarity. The traits of one enhance and influence those of the other, bringing out the best stylistic characteristics of each of us.

Story board

We chose to explore Tosca's story from a unpublished

point of view, telling the lived events by Puccini during the production of the work.

The story begins in Milan, April 1889, after the success of Bohème, Giacomo Puccini is looking for a new work to be composed, he is under the pressure of his publisher Giulio Ricordi. Thanks to his librettist Giacosa, Giacomo discovers the existence of Sardou's Tosca which, however, does not convince him, and therefore he refuses to compose it. Tosca is then entrusted by Ricordi to the rich Alberto Franchetti.
This news upsets Puccini and arouses competition and the desire in him, he decides to take back Tosca and, with a deception, steals it from Franchetti.
Here begins the long process of composing this great work

of art, a process full of second thoughts and twists that

will take it to the world premiere of Tosca, where even here unexpected events will haunt the show at the theater...

will it be a success or a defeat? Immerse yourself in the

world of Le Muse by Puccini and you will discover it.

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