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Anna and Daniel's journey to discover Switzerland is the second book dedicated to the adventures of little Anna.
This book is written and illustrated by me Lisa Albzzati, and published by Fontana Edizioni SA.


This is the story of two children who meet during a very special journey.
The story begins with little Anna who is in her bedroom doing homework.
All of a sudden Siemi appears in front of her, a very mischievous little flying squirrel who magically teleports her in a fairy Switzerland, in which Anna will meet her new adventure companion Daniel, together they will discover some of the most beautiful places in Switzerland such as the Aletsch glacier, the Lavaux vineyards, Lenzburg Castle and much more.
But our friends will also have to face many dangerous challenges, such as bears and dragons, and devising a way to get home safely.

What does this book contain?

  • An advecompelling nature and full of surprises

  • 8 fantastic Swiss locations: Bellinzona, Atlesh, Lavaux, Bern, Lenzburg, Zurich, the Landwasser viaduct and Altdorf.

  • A double didactic page where curiosities and information are told regarding the places that Anna and Daniel  they visit.

  • The itinerary of Anna and Daniel's tripwhere you can observe the path taken by our protagonists through the Cantons.

  • A little blue mouse is hidden in each double page, will you be able to find it?

This book is the perfect combination of adventure, fantasy and education.

Buy it now!

Order the book from here!







You can find Anna and Daniel's journey in all bookstores in the Canton Ticino and in the main shopping centers.
Or order it directly from the Fontana Edizioni website:

This book is available only in Italian.


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